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Detailed Appraisal Process in Cincinnati, Ohio

House - Appraisal Process

Gain peace of mind knowing that you paid the best value price for your home or property with a detailed appraisal process from the team at Greenberg Appraisal Services, LLC. in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you are undergoing a legal proceeding or just need some help in determining the value of your home, look no further for the home appraisal you need.

Simply give us a call at (888) 973-3815 to schedule your appraisal. Once we arrange a date, we arrive to inspect your property.  During the appraisal, we analyze the counter data, along with multiple listings in databases.

After a thorough inspection, which measures improvement to the home, we take pictures of the interior and exterior for our summary report. Your summary report includes a thorough description of your home along with our compiled analysis of comparable sales to offer a current market value for your property.

To request more information about our appraisal process or to request a service, contact our staff in Cincinnati, Ohio.